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The Dub Session is meditative groove music, and the podcast shows represent a series of thematic
excursions into Versions - downtempo, drum and bass, chill out, rare grooves, B-Sides, reggae
versions, funk, acid jazz, trip-hop, gogo, afrobeat, and journeys into ambient groove. This is the
heart and soul of Dub music - Versions. 

Dub Version music isn't just an art form, it is also a science. 

Dub Innovators constantly reset the standards for dub music and challenge new artists and DJs to
break the code and produce new forms of dub. Dub Masters call their studios laboratories, and carry
names like The Scientist, The Mad Professor, BushChemist, Dubtronic Science, the Vienna Scientists. 

The Dub Session welcomes you to experience evolutionary dub, rare grooves, roots music,
acid jazz, and versions from 1965 to 2008 by DJ Chill Will.

Listener Reviews
Thank you for your feedback!  We have assembled feedback from listeners, blogs , directories on the Dub Session podcast here. Check it out and thanks to all listeners for the comments!  Please send message and comments to DJ ChillWill at dubsession(at)

Dub Session #63 - Intergalactic Dub

Dub Session 63, Intergalactic Dub, takes you on an interplanetary ital voyage where the mothership will be broadcasting to the universe on a deep-space frequency of 101 dubbahertz.  Prepare for liftoff.

  Intergalactic Dub

It's been a long time since we rocked the dubcasts.  Dub Session is back to launch a fresh session.

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 63 - Intergalactic Dub

01 DJ ChillWill's Intergalactic Ital meets Power Steppers in Roots Future
02 Remarkable Engines - Digital Dubconcious - Remarkable Engines
03 Intergalactic DJs vs Roni Size RPM Rockers breakdown
04 DJ Spooky - Creation Rebel - Under_Mi_Sensi_(All Lighters Remix)
05 Salmonella Dub - Heal Me - Beat The Game
06 Intergalactic Interlude
07 Thunderball - Road To Benares (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix)
08 Michael Franti - Skin On the Drum (Bassnectar Remix)
09 Stereotyp - Fling Style (feat_Tikiman) meets DJ Spooky-Dub of The Traveller
10 Kiwi Rockers Session - Politician [Paddy Free Mix]
11 Cars Moving In Stereo meet Pitch Black's 1000 mile drift
12 Original Rockers - Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
13 Snoopadelic Lounge - Nuthin But a G Thang (Chill Deluxe Remix)
14 Rythmic American Poetry:  Gin and Juice dub poets version
15 Intergalactic Ital Dub Lagniappe
Rrrewind...Welcome to Dubrock!

  Welcome to Dubrock! (version 1.0)

Welcome to Dubrock! begins with a Hendrix / Zeppelin / Truby Trio - Boozoo blend. Then we dub the remix with the Spacemonkeys, Gotan Project, and the Thievery Corporation. Next we take a trip to the moon with a remix of the Police's Walking on The Moon and an Easy All Stars reggae version of Breathe from the Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. We get a triple set rocker from John Brown's Body, The Samples covering John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels," and Boozoo Bajou featuring Joe Dukie. Then we bring in Common and the Marley brothers Damian, Steven and Ziggy to close the show and lay down some lovers rock vibes for the ladies. Special thanks to Marie from Buenos Iries for the voice-overs!

01 Hendrix Zeppelin Meets Truby Trio (Boozoo Bajou version) DJChillWill edit
02 Spacemonkeys vs. Gorillaz (Punk'd Remix)
03 Gotan Project Meets The Mad Professor (DJChillWill Mashup) El Capitalismo Foreano
04 Abductions (Thievery Corp. version)
05 Dynomite (Fila Brazilia - Brazillified 2 version)
     The Powersteppers - Dub Session bumper promo
06 Police - Walking on The Moon (phat Drum & Bass version)
07 Big Youth - Waterhouse Rock (Groove Corp version)
08 Spacemonkeys vs. Gorillaz - Rise Up
09 The Bush Chemists - Light Up Your Spliff (dub version)
10 Pink Floyd - Breathe  (Easy All Stars version from Dub Side of The Moon)
11 Bread - John Brown's Body
12 Watching The Wheels - John Lennon (The Samples reggae version)
13 Take It Slow - Boozoo Bajou featuring Joe Dukie and U Brown
14 Pimpers Paradise - Bob Marley - Common, Stephen and Damien Marley version
15 Drive -  - Ziggy Marley Version
16 Outro - Mad Professor radioactive edit (DubSession rework)

Rrrewind...Riddim Come Forward!

  Riddim Come Forward!

Dub Session Sound System come forward with the rub a dub riddims!! 

For this episode, the Dub Session Sound System brings in a hot mix of riddim
killers, remixes, versions, mashups, and groovers.

We kick off this episode with the heavyweight champion sounds of See-I and Thunderball with "Strictly Rudeboy" - from ESL records, home of Thievery Corporation vocalist See-I and superstar producers Eric Hilton and Rob Garza. Thanks to Rootz of See-I for the track!!

We also kick it with a heavyweight showdown featuring Lee Scratch Perry and Adrian Sherwood of U-Sound records on "Got The Groove," followed by the down-under New Zealand Sound System selectors Rhombus with a great dub rockers track "Clav Dub." 

The show continues with a selection of reworks, rockers tracks, and hip hop versions of classic tunes updated forward inna new style. Dub Session episode 38 features a DJ ChillWIll triple track riddim come forward tribute mixing up Clint Eastwood vs Ranking Roger and The English Beat inna Spar Wid Me Ranking the Doors of Your Heart version excursion.  

Playlist - Riddim Come Forward
01 Intro - Warning Sounds rework
02 Thunderball Featuring See-I : Strictly Rudeboy
     (DJ Chill Will lets get ready to rumble remix intro)
03 Dub Syndicate meets Lee Scratch Perry in The Secret Laboratory - The Groove
04 Rhombus - Clav Dub
05 Damien Jr. Gong Marley - Welcome to DubRock
06 Aswad - Live in Japan - Intro and Love Fire Medley
07 Bob Marley - Chant Down Babylon Remixes - Kinky Reggae (version)
08 Macka B & Royale Roots Band - Land Of Sensi
09 Robotiks vs Pato Banton - King Step Man and Machine mashup  (DJChillWill rework)
10 Truby Trio - A Go Go (Boozoo Bajou Rmx)
11 Salmonella Dub_Inside the Dub Plates_Platetetechonics (Farty Boom Boom)
12 Clint Eastwood - Jah Lights Shining - Too Lickie Lickie
13 Ranking Roger and English Beat Mashup - (DJChillWill Riddim Come Forward tribute - Spar Wid Me Ranking the Doors of Your Heart version excursion)
15 Boozoo_Bajou--Feat Jo Dukie of Fat Freddy's Drop and U-Brown - Take It Slow
16 Dennis Brown - Go Now - Deep Down LP

Rrrewind...DS Episode #56 - Hong Kong Dub Sessions

Hong Kong Dub Sessions


The Dub Session has a very special guest  joining us for episode #56.

Celestial is a Hong Kong based dub reggae and pan-Asian groove collective and dub syndicate.

Celestial's head quarters is the Hong Kong Dub Station - a place where musicians  from China,
Hong Kong, Japan, and Nepal, and Asia gather to collaborate and produce the heavenly
dubtronic sounds of Celestial.

Celestial's music is unique in its mixture of Jamaican bass lines, indigenous native Asian instruments from various nations and genres, expert musicians, multinational electronic-organic arrangements and rhythms, and meditative ambient grooves.

Celestial is the brainchild and creation of the dub master and award-winning music and media producer Peter Millward from Drum Music studios. Celestial is well-known in Asia for its highly acclaimed album Hong Kong Dub Station, and its 1996 breakthrough release Spirit House.

This episode of the Dub Session features interviews and music with Celestial creator and producer Peter Millward, including selected tracks from and discussion of Celestial's four albums, including their new release Electric Road.

Playlist - DS 56 - Hong Kong Dub Sessions With Celestial

01 Hong Kong Dub Sessions Intro
02 Interview - introduction and discussion of new release Electric Road
03 Celestial - Another Planet - Electric Road
04 Celestial - Blue Pool -> Another Planet - Electric Road
05 Celestial - Ghost Town - Electric Road
06 Interview - conversation and tracks from CD Hong Kong Dub Station
07 Celestial - Sea of Tranquility - Hong Kong Dub Station
08 Celestial - Rockin' All Over - Hong Kong Dub Station
09 Celestial - Best Years of Our Lives - Hong Kong Dub Station
10 Interview - conversation and tracks from CD Spirit House
11 Celestial - Vietnam - Hong Kong Dub Station - Spirit House
12 Celestial - Plum Crazy (Black Dragon Remix) - Spirit House
13 Interview - conversation and tracks from CD Happy Valley
14 Celestial - No Thru Train - Happy Valley
15 Celestial - Clouds and Earth - Happy Valley
16 Celestial - Plum Crazy (original dub version) - Happy Valley
17 Celestial - Gao Shan Ching - Happy Valley
18 Interview - finale and more info on Celestial
19 Celestial - Pounding Waves - Hong Kong Dub Station
20 Hong Kong Dub Sessions outro

More on Celestial
For more information on Celestial, artists and album profiles, videos, listen to the Celestial jukebox, and to purchase Celestial's CDs, visit


Brazilectro Special Double Edition
  Brazilectro Special

Dub Session sets sail to Brazil get you dubbing in a tropical groove. Many of the remix artists you hear on the Dub Session such as Tosca, Boozoo Bajou, Fila Brazillia, Thievery Corp, and Dhizan & Kamien are not only specialists at remixing Jamaican dub and Jazz into new styles, but are maestros at remixing 1960s Bossa Nova Brazilian tunes into the new forms called "Bossa Brava" or "Brasilectro." These artists, along with Brazilian originals like Gilberto Gil and Bebel Gilberto are featured in this double set.

Brazilectro Special #1
Brazilectro Special #2

Episode #58  Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 4

image courtesy of

Come down Mixmaster DJ GeneO! We have a special video dub session for episode 58. 

 Ipod Video Version
 Windows Media Version
Our fourth video podcast was produced by MixMaster GeneO from Maui, Hawaii. Mixmaster G has mixed up a tasty visual treat for episode 58.  He is both the music and video selector for this episode, and is the producer of the cutting edge, creative and innovative video/music production transitions and animations in this video session.

Thanks to MixMaster GenO for the excellent dub video science wizardry and selections in the mix. For more, check out DJ GeneO's Space Dub Mix in our DJ Mixes jukebox

Playlist - Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 4

01 Intro - Pato Banton intro version
02 MixMaster GeneO - Dub Session Station ID Vmix 1
03 Pato Banton - Live at Chemisee - Settle Satan
04 MixMaster GeneO - Station ID Vmix 2 Jamaica vision
05 Inner Circle and Rockers - Live in Jamaica, 1970s
06 Black Uhuru - Fire City
07 Yellowman - Reggae on The Move
08 Culture -  Addis Abbaba
09 MixMaster GeneO - Dub Session Station ID Vmix 3 boomshock stylee
10 Mixmaster GeneO - Kung Fu meets Lee Perry and Augustus Pablo (audio track) with the video overlay of Kung Fu Western video excerpt from Drunken Master
10 Mixmaster GeneO - Video with audio track  Jacob Miller and King Tubby - Change Must Come plus video photo slides showin' the folks who the King is at the controls on the mixing board 
11 MixMaster GeneO - dubbing outer space with the animation, stars, dancehall rulers and bubblers special, and Station ID Vmix 4

For more videos, visit the Chemisee summer reggae festival website, and the RAS Records video catalog
DS #57 The Police - Undercover Versions

  Police Undercover Versions

The 30th anniversary of The Police's 1977 debut received great acclaim, including a U.S. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame award, and a 2007 reunion and world tour.

The Police is well known for mixing reggae music, funk, punk rock and rock & roll. They are also versionistas, creating reggae versions of "The Bed's Too Big Without You" and other reggae classics.

Dub Session episode #57 takes you on a version excursion featuring reggae and D&B cover versions of The Police, duets with UK reggae toasters, Police reggae tribute album selections, along with Sting and The Police providing live and extended versions of reggae classics. 

In the early years and in live videos, Sting would often wear Bob Marley pins, create reggae rock songs with "eeyo yo yo" Marley call and responses. One of the first versions in this episode features The Police live in 1980 with a dubby cover of Bed's Too Big.  In the early 1980s, Sting was a fan of contemporary punky reggae group The English Beat, lead by vocalist Ranking Roger.  After the Police's break up in 1984, Ranking Roger and The Special Beat toured with Sting, and would toast in show encores of Message in A Bottle, and Bed's Too Big Without You, as featured from EP versions of these toasts.  UK contemporaries Steel Pulse, Aswad, and Pato Banton provide versions from the Reggatta Mondatta tribute series, as well as Latin America's Police tribute Outlandos D'Amor.  This episode includes selections from Stuart Copeland's African journey "The Rhthymatist." Additional version include Sting in duets with Ziggy Marley, Ranking Roger and Pato Banton from various b-sides, singles, extended remixes and EPs. 

Playlist - DS 57 - Police Undercover Versions

01 Undercover Versions Police Horns & Helis Intro
02 The Police - Reggatta de Blanc original version- Reggatta de Blanc
03 The Police - Walking on The Moon - Drum and Bass Phat Remix
04 Sting and Ziggy Marley - One World - Jazzy Marsalis version
05 The Police - Bed's Too Big - Live Dub Version - Police Live in Paris 1980
06 Shinehead - Jamaican in New York - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
07 Steel Pulse - I Can't Stand Losing - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
08 Pato Banton - One World - Tudo De Bum Live in Brazil
09 Plastilina_Mosh - Bed's Too Big - Jungle DnB Version - Outlandos D'Americas Latin Tribute
10 Aswad - Roxanne 1997 Version - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
11 Ina Kamoze - Call The Police Sly and Robbie Dub version - Here Comes The Hotstepper EP
12 Sting and Ranking Roger - Demolition Man Soulpower Mix (DJ ChillWill double ranking edit)
13 Puya - Skank (Spirits in The Material World) - Outlandos D'Americas Latin Tribute
14 Interlude - Sting - If You Love Somebody - Soulpower Hip Hop Mix (DJCW extroedit)
15 The Police - Oh My God - Original Version - Synchronicity
16 Sting and Ranking Roger - Bed's Too Big Top Ranking Version - Let Your Soul Be EP
17 Los Pericos - Darkness Drum and Bass Version - Reggatta Mandatta Tribute
18 Desorden Publico - Man in a Suitcase/One World - Outlandos D'Americas Latin Tribute
19 The Police - Someone to Talk To / How Stupid Mr. Bates - Message in a Box
20 Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist - Brazzaville and Samburu Sunset Intros
21 The Police - Tea in The Sahara - Synchronicity - Original Version
22 ColdCut - Beats and Pieces - When I Was a Kid - The Breaks - Extroversion

Police tribute album selections in this episode include the Reggatta Mondatta series, the Latin American Outlandos D'Amor LP, along with extended remix EPs, and live versions.

BUDS - Dub Session  #55 - Hot Like Fire

  Hot Like Fire

It's summertime in the U.S. and across Europe.  Most of the U.S. has been experiencing record hot temperatures, from California to the Midwest to the Gulf Coast and New England.  In Europe, from Budapest to Bucharest, and from The Tower of Pisa to the Island of Ibiza, summer time is burning!

Fire it up and burn it down! This episode of the Dub Session covers the summer heat wave and presents some burning tracks that are hot like fire.

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 55 - Hot Like Fire

01 Dub Session Burnin' intro
02 Headcornerstone - Hot Like Fire (Groove Corporation Extended Vocal Remix)
03 UB40 - Blood and Fire (remix)
04 Steel Pulse Feat Capleton -  Blazing fire
05 Matisyahu - Fire of Heaven Altar of Earth - Live at Stubb's Dub Rub Austin
06 Power Steppers Bumper for Dub Session - Roots Future
07 African Head Charge Versus Professor Stretch - Hot Pursuit -Drums Of Defiance
08 GCorp - Fireman - Dub Plates From The Elephant House, Vol. 2 
09 GCorp- Murder
10 Peter Tosh - Coming in Hot - Wanted Dread or Alive
11 Neville Brothers - Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dread reggae tribute version)
12 Aswad Feat Shabba Ranks - Fire - Original Album Version - Too Wicked
13 Bob Marley - Burnin' And Lootin' - Burnin
14 Bunny Wailer - Love_Fire
15 Burning Spear - Fire Man - Fittest of The Fittest
16 Ranking Joe - Fire
17 Ranking Roger and Pato Banton - Bubbling Hot
18 Third World - 96 Degrees In The Shade
19 Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady - Based On A True Story
20 The Police - Tea in The Sahara - Synchronicity
21 Dub Session Burnin' Outro 

B.U.D.S. stands for "Best of The Dub Session"

Dub Session #54 - Chronic Dub Revolutionaries

Chronic Dub Revolutionaries

Make my funk the G-Funk. I wants to get Funk Dub!

The spirits of Bootsy Collins, King Tubby, Snoop Dogg, Les Paul, Django Reinhardt, Elvis, P-Funk, Dr Dre, Spearhead, George Clinton, Lee Scratch Perry, and The G-Funk All Stars bring us the Chronic Dub Revolutionaries, where the Godfather meets the Doggfather inna dub session stylee.

You are dubbin with the Don, doggy style.

For Dub Session 54, we plug in the amps, kick up the dials to 11 Spinal Tap stylee and start the Chronic Dub Revolution with Michael Franti's punky reggae rocker Yell Fire! The UK's Asian Dub foundation shows us a New Way, New Life and keeps the chronic train rolling, while the Salmonella Dub brings the thunder from down under inna Bromley East Roller stylee. Next up, we've got the stickiest of the ickiest electrofunk from Kieser Van Helten's version of Tosca's Honey. The Cars keeps us Moving in Stereo to Vienna where Tikiman meets Stereotyp with some electrofunkdafied dub poetry in 'My Sound.' Le Printemps' Pepe LePeu takes a left turn down Orange Street in Paris, where Django's jazz guitar meets the heavyweight sounds St Germain in Montego Bay Spleen. Next, we head to sounds of the underground in Boozoo Bajou's Berlin bunker where the King of Rock meets the the Afronaut inna jazzy space jam titled Chocolate Elvis. Back on the mothership, 1978's Player of The Year Bootsy Collins summons us to Keep That Funk Alive inna "Fatboy Bootzilla meets the Brooklyn Beasties" mashup by DJChillWill. Rrrreewind for the signature sound of  funky wah-wah 1976 title track of Kingston's Rockers, followed by a 20th anniversary remix of the 1977 reggae rock classic Roxanne. Back in Los Angeles, ska-groovers Fishbone ask the timeless question "Where'd You Get Those Pants?" Last stop: the sweet chariot swings down and lets me ride behind the scenes  with the Doggfather and The Chronic sessions' Outro, where Compton meets Long Beach in The Roach.

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 54 - Chronic Dub Revolutionaries

01 Revolutionary Dub Chronic-les intro
02 Michael Franti of Spearhead - Yell Fire!
03 Asian Dub Foundation - New Way New Life
04 Salmonella Dub - Bromley East Roller - Inside The Dub Plates
05 Roots Future - Power Steppers - Dub Session Bumper
06 Tosca - Honey - Kieser Van Helten remix
07 The Cars meet Stereotyp Feat. Tikiman - My Sound, Moving in Stereo mashdown
08 St Germain - Montego Bay Spleen - Boulevard
09 Tosca - Chocolate Elvis -Boozoo Bajou remix
10 Fatboy Bootzilla meets the Brooklyn Beasties - Keep That Funk Alive/Hey Ladies DJChill edit
11 Rockers Soundtrack - Rockers - Bunny Wailer and the Rockers All Stars
12 The Police - Roxxanne - Aswad remix - Reggatta Mandatta tribute
13 Fishbone - Where'd You Get Those Pants? - Psycotic Friends Nuttwerks
14 Dr. Dre - The Roach - The Chronic
15 Dub Poetry with the DoggFather - Revolutionary American Poetry (RAP) Chronic remix
16 The Revolutionary Dub Chronic-les outro


Dub Session Update:  Spring/Summer News

We have lots of good news to share with the Dub Session listeners:

New! Dub Session on 88.1 FM Radio in New Zealand
A big thanks goes out to WedgeFM in New Zealand for playing the Dub Session every Monday night on the airwaves Down Under!  Kia Ora and Chur Chur to listeners in New Zealand! Big ups and much love to the Kiwis!!  

Dub Sessions Now Via BitTorrent
Sessions are now available via BitTorrent for downloading.  You can find the Dub Session torrents by searching Demonoid, Zoozle or other torrent search engines. If you use Bit Torrents
(how to), please help spread the dubs world-wide and seed the shows.

Thanks again to all sending feedback, love and props to the show!

Peace and Dub,
DJ Chill Will


Dub Session #53 - Gettin' Ziggy With It

  Gettin' Ziggy With It

For Episode 53, we celebrate the music of four-time reggae Grammy award winning artist Ziggy Marley, inna Dub Session stylee, including two tracks from his recent Grammy-winning album "Love is My Religion."

Ziggy Marley's career spans more than 20 years, and includes more than eight album, dozens of EPs, singles and remixes. For this special artist showcase, selector DJ ChillWill has hand-picked some of Ziggy's best rare tracks, remixes, dubs, versions, b-sides, covers, and collaborations and put them through the Dub Session beat blender.

Dub Session DS episode 53 "Getting Ziggy With It" illuminates some of our favorite rarities and hits from Ziggy's 20+ year career playing with the Melody Makers, as a solo artist, collaborating with other musicians, with the Fugee All-Stars, and of course with the Marley brothers Stephen, Jr. Gong, Rohan and others. Not only can the eldest of the brothers get Ziggy with it, but many others have sought to get with Ziggy. This episode features some great duos, collaborations, out-takes, soundtracks, and key work supporting younger brothers Stephen & Jr. Gong in their budding solo careers as well as working together as "The Marley Brothers."

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 53 - Gettin' Ziggy With It

01 DJ ChillWill's Gettin Ziggy With It Dubtronic intro
02 Ziggy Marley - To Be Free (Dub) - from Love Is My Religion LP (Grammy winner 2007)
03 Bob Marley -  Kinky Reggae (version by The Marley Brothers) - Chant Down Babylon LP
04 Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers - Head Top - Joy And Blues LP
05 Bob Marley -Three Little Birds (version by Sean Paul & Ziggy Marley) Shark Tale Soundtrack
06 Eddie Grant -  Electric Avenue (remix by The Fugee All Stars and Ziggy Marley)
07 Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers - First Night - Jahmekya LP
08 Damain, Stephen & Ziggy Marley - Could You Be Loved - VA - FIFA 2006 World Cup LP
09 Ziggy Marley - Make Music - from Love Is My Religion LP (Grammy winner 2007)
10 Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers Live Version)
11 Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers - What Conquers Defeat - Jahmekya LP
12 The Police - One World (Not Three) -(Ziggy Marley and Sting Remix) - Reggatta Mondatta LP
13 Bob Marley - African Herbsman (Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers Version)
14 Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers - Tumblin' Down - Concious Party LP
15 Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers - One Good Spliff - The Spirit of Music LP
16 Ziggy_Marley - True_to_Myself - _Dragonfly LP
18 DJ ChillWill's Ziggytronic Tonic Sound Sessions outro

Dub Session #52 - Dubtronic Sound System

  Dubtronic Sound System

We're kicking off the new year with a new mix - the Dubtronic Sound System.  Dub Session has always enjoyed the mutual playground between the innovators of dub and the mixmasters of electronica. The result is the Dubtronic sound we come to fling down in a dubtronic soundsytem stylee for episode #52.

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 52 - Dubtronic Sound System

01 DJ ChillWill's Dubtronic Bionic Chronic Soundsystem intro
02 Ranking Roger and General Public - It's Weird - Rub it Better
03 Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist (remix from Babylon rewound)
04 Dub Syndicate - Stoned Immaculate
05 OverProof SoundSystem Meets Richard Dorfmeister - Watch What You Put Inna
06 Coldcut - Versions and Excursions - When I Was a Kid Funky Was Just Plain Funky
07 Sly and Robbie vs. Howie B  - Stripped to The Bone remix
08 Dub Guerilla - Lonely Soldier - King size dub 11
09 Boozoo_Bajou vs. Joe Dukie and U-Brown - Take_it_Slow- Dust My Broom
10 Power Steppers - Dub Session Bumper - Roots Future
11 J. Boogie and Tony B - Universal Dub
12 The Only Redeemer - Groove Corporation Remix
13 The Specials - Stereotype - Specials 2
14 Euphoria - Lost on a River - Ocho Rios Lost SoulBrother Remix- Traveler
15 Night Nurse - Kruder & Dorfmeister session - Dubmission 2- The Remixes
16 Fila Brazillia - A Zed & 2 L's (Coldcut Retouch) - Stoned Chilled Grooves
17 Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae (Live)
18 DJ ChillWill's Chronic Dubtronic Tonic Sound Sessions outro


Episode #50 King Kong Sound Clash!


  King Kong Sound Clash!

Dub Session brings you a showdown of King Kong size proportions. In this corner, we have a dub rework of the Gorillaz' prime cuts. This remix by the SpaceMonkeyz brings forward one of the best fusions of dub, trip hop, cliq-hop, and pop rock since Sly & Robbie took residence at the Compass Point Studios to re-work pop, funk, rock, disco, punk and reggae classics of Island Records superstars in the early 1980s. It doesn't hurt that the mastermind behind these sessions is Darren Galea (Jamiroquai DJ), along with Ritchie Stevens (a much sought after producer and dub re-mixer and also teaches a dub class at the London Centre of Contemporary music).  Add the original crew from the Gorillaz Dan The Automator on deck, the lead singer from Blur on vocals and guitar, and members of Cibbo Matto with the cool shoe shine and you have some fresh tracks ready to retread Spacemonkeyz stylee.

In the opposing corner we have selections from the King Size Dub Series, volumes one through twelve. This collection of King Size Dubs comes from Nicolai Beverungen, a long time producer at the U-Sound dub studios in England. This King Size series provides a sampling of some of the best modern reggae and electronica dubs being put out on the market. Get these two sound entities together in a king-size thematic ring and you have the Dub Session episode King Kong Dub Showdown. Monkey see, monkey do. Funky too.

This episode includes selections from Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz at, King Size Dub Volumes 1-11 at Amazon, and sounds from Planet of the Apes, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
B.U.D.S. is from the "Best of The Dub Session" series



Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 3
 Ipod Video Version
 Windows Media Version

Rreewind and come down again with video dub meister and Mixmaster DJ GeneO inna video session. Coming to you from Maui, Hawaii DJ GeneO brings us some innovative video effects, choice roots rasta selections, and some dubbed out grooves to keep your heads ringing. Big ups to brother Geneo from Maui!

Playlist - Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 3

01 DJ GenO Video Dub Session Custom Intro
02 Mad Professor  - Live at Chemisee
03 Culture - Vulture - Live
04 Jubie Rock - DJ Rockers Showdown - Revelation International Groove
05 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Roots Rock Reggae - Top of The Pops 1976
06 Burning Spear - Slavery Days - Live 1970s
07 Mutabaruka - It No Good To Stay Inna - Live at Sunsplash
08 Dub Session Video Podcast Sign Off - VJ GenO Video remix


Dub Session Episodes 48 & 49: The Soma Sessions

 Soma Sessions Vol 1
 Soma Sessions Vol 2

What do root canals, spinal injuries, and nagging bitchy girlfriends have in common?

They are all intolerably painful, exceedingly difficult to manage; they show no mercy; and each can make you cry if you make a wrong move.

This episode finds resident DJ ChillWill spinning and slipping discs, and riding the Soma train until heading to the orthopedic chop shop later this month. For DS episodes 48 and 49, we invite you to put a glide in your stride, a dip in your hip, and get on the mother ship for the Soma Dub Sessions. 

One of the greatest qualities of reggae music is its ability to deliver messages of despair, pain, grief, injustice, and alienation (as well as messages of hope, love, vision, gratitude, unity, appreciation) over an enjoyable, uplifting melodic structure and downtempo drum and bass grooves. Reggae can often serve as a healing music, delivering soothing rhythms and a meditative, chilled-out, introspective, calming experience. No other music is as universally loved on rainy days as well as sunny days for its effortless ability to enhance the joys and blues of the human experience, and to elevate the spirits of the listener.
"One good thing about music - when it hits you feel no pain."
- Bob Marley,  Trenchtown Rock

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 48 - The Soma Sessions Volume 1

01 DJ ChillWill's Rasta la Vista space dub intro feat. Thievery Corporation's - Warning Shots with Sleepy Wonder and Gunjan 
02 Rhombus - Clav Dub
03 Pato Banton - Letter to The President
04 Darkness - The Police - Rasta Mandatta tribute
05 Boozoo Bajou - Way Down - Dust My Broom
06 Salmonella Dub - Bromley East Roller - DJ Digital And Spirit Remix
07 Coldcut's Kung Fu Karate Thunder Kick
08 The Lords of Percussion - Funk Fu - Psycho Funk vs Rare Grooves 1970-76
09 The Chosen Few - Reggae Stuff - Funky Kingston Reggae Dance Floor Grooves 1968-1977
10 Shaft - Reggae Version - The Trojan Soul Sessions
11 LTJ Bukem - Earth Volume 1
12 Buckshot LeFonque - The Caged Bird Sings - feat Maya Angelou
13 Big Mountain - Dream Weaver
14 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Coming In From The Cold - Extended Version
15 Peter Tosh - Pick Myself Up - Bush Doctor Digital Remasters
16 Noiseshaper feat. Juggla - All A Dam A Do - Reggae Germany Downtown
17 DJ ChillWill's backbreaker Rasta La Vista space dub outro - 1979 BMW Interview clip - Bablyon By Bus Positive Vibration Salutation and Soma Session mashdown

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 49 - The Soma Sessions Volume 2

01 DJ ChillWill's Dub in The Vaseline Power Steppin' Intro
02 Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle Remix - Chant Down Bablyon LP
03 Toots and Willie Nelson - Still Movin' To Me - True_Love LP
04 311 - Prisoner - Transistor
05 Air_- How Does It Make You Feel (Adrian Sherwood Version)- Everybody Hertz Remixes
06 Easy Star All-Stars - Us And Them [feat Frankie Paul] - Dub Side Of The Moon LP
07 Easy Star All-Stars - subterranean homesick alien - RadioDread LP
08 Lucky_Dube  - The Other Side - The Other Side LP
09 Aswad - Unsatisfied - Dub Version - Remastered Single
10 Steel Pulse - Prediction - Handsworth Revolution
11 Ub40 - Bring me your cup - Labour of Love 3
12 LKJ - Reality Poem
13 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Crisis - Kaya
14 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Stop That Train - Catch a Fire Original Mix
15 Ziggy Marley & The Marley Brothers - One Good Spliff
16 DJ ChillWill's' Stuck in The Vaseline Soma Session dub outro

Dub Session Episode 47:  Easy Dubs It

Episode 47 features the champion sounds of Easy Star records 

 DS 47 Easy Dubs It

Easy Star records, creators of the now infamous Dub Side of The Moon LP, have just released a killer new LP titled RadioDread, a reggae and dub rework of Radiohead's award-winning Ok Computer album.  The quality and range of Easy Star's versions on this LP are timeless and incredible. 

The Dub Session has blended together a special "Easy Dubs It" mix including a few tracks from the new RadioDread LP, some of the classics from the first Dub Side of The Moon, and an audio blend of the themes radio, dread and easy. 

The Dub Session has added RadioDread to its list of "essential listening" LPs. Easy Dubs It again with another killer version of a rock & roll classic. Available at Easy Star records

Playlist - Dub Session Episode 47 - Easy Dubs It

01 DJ ChillWill RadioDread Intro featuring radio sounds of Easy E., Dr. Dre, The Mad Professor and Macka B 
02 Easy All Stars - Airbag - Radiodread LP
03 Easy All Stars - Great Dub In The Sky [bonus] - Dub Side of The Moon
04 Dub Guerilla - Lonely Soldier - King size dub 11
05 Jerusalem - Matisyahu -  Jerusalem
06 Easy All Stars - Karma Police - Radiodread
07 Burnin´ And Lootin´ Remix -Bob Marley feat Black Thought of Roots - Chant Down Babylon
08 Soul Rebel Dub Version - Bob Marley featuring U-Roy - Marley Versions and B-Sides
09 Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene (bonus) - Easy Star All-Stars eat Ranking Joe- Dub Side Of The Moon
10 Let Down - Easy All Stars feat. Toots and The Maytals - Radiodread
11 This Room - Fat Freddy's Drop - Based On A True Story
12 Money  - Easy Star All-Stars feat Gary 'Nesta' Pine & Dollarman -Dub Side Of The Moon
13 Subterranean Homesick Alien - Easy All Stars - Radiodread
14 An Airbag Saved My Dub- Easy All Stars - Radiodread
15 DJ Chill Easy All Stars tribute blender featuring "We Want Easy" from Easy E, Dr. Dre and the Mad Professor's "Action Radio"


Episode 46:  Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 2

This special Dub Session Video podcast was baked fresh in Maui Hawai by DJ GenO - bringing us some cool VJ visual tricks, and some classic video clips from Desmond Dekker, Gregory Isaacs, Black Uhuru, UB40, Culture and EekAMouse. 

 Ipod Video Version
 Windows Media Version

Mahalo to bredda GenO for bringing us a new session of irie vibrations Maui Stylee!  You can also check out DJ GeneO's Space Dub Mix in our DJ Mixes jukebox.

Playlist - Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 2

01 DJ GenO Video Mix - Dub Session Video Podcast Intro
02 Culture - Down By The Riverside
03 Desmond Decker - The Israelites
04 Gregory Isaacs with Sly & Robbie - Night Nurse Live
05 UB40 = One in Ten
06 Eek a Mouse - Safari
07 Black Uhuru with Sly & Robbie - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
08 Dub Session Video Podcast Sign Off - VJ GenO Video MIx

Episode 45:  Hot Like Fire (original version)
  Hot Like Fire

Fire it up and burn it down! This episode of the Dub Session covers the summer heat wave and presents some burning tracks that are hot like fire.

Episode 44:  Dub Session Video Podcast

Dub Session presents the first in a series of monthly video podcasts. 

Trailer - Short Version (5 Minutes)


    Full Version - Ipod Video or Windows Media Video - 23 min.

The Dub Session videocast showcases some of our favorite videos, starting with Sly & Robbie and Howie B in the animated "Superthruster"; followed by the Thievery Corporation's "38-45"; the Gorillaz vs. Spacemonkey's with "M1A1"; a classic TV studio version of Bob Marley and the Wailers with "Roots Rock Reggae"; a great version of "One Love" with Ziggy Marley together with the Gypsy Kings; and we close out the videocast with New Zealand's Salmonella Dub in a Groove Corp. remix of "Fartyboom". 

This videocast can be played back on portable video devices such as the for Ipod Video player and can also be used for computer playback.  The first download video  - the MP4 Ipod Video Version - will play back the Quicktime video player, RealPlayer 10, JetAudio, the VLAN video player, and other MP4 compatible players. The second download video - the Windows Media Version - will play on windows media as well as other players such as Winamp.

Playlist - Dub Session Video Podcast Vol. 1 (24 Minutes)

01 Dub Session Video Podcast Intro Video feat Power Steppers audio track
02 A Message from Lee "Scratch" Perry
03 Sly and Robbie vs. Howie B - Superthruster
04 Thievery Corporation feat. See-I : 38-45 A Thievery Number
05 Gorillaz vs. Spacemonkeys: M1A1
06 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Roots Rock Reggae
07 Ziggy Marley & The Gypsy Kings - One Love
08 Salmonella Dub - Platetonics/Fartyboom (Groove Corp. Remix) 
09 Lee Scratch Perry Guinness Video

Would you like to see more episodes of the Dub Session video podcast? Please send your comments to DJChillWill at email dubsession(at)


Episode 43:  Special Anniversary Episode

  Sound Clash! Mad Scientists vs. Mix Masters

For Episode 43, Dub Session celebrates the common love of remixes and versions by dub producers and mix masters alike. Many classic dub songs like "Under mi Sleng Teng" or rap songs like "Roxanne" are famed by multiple versions.  Versions take many different genre-busting transmutations such as pioneer Adrian Sherwood's remix of "Stop This Crazy Thing" by ColdCut and Jr Reid (Black Uhuru); or Roni Size taking dub reggae from 33 rpm to 78 rpm on jungle turbo-mode; Chris Blackwell's marriage of rap and Washington, DC drum-heavy GoGo with Kurtis Blow vs Trouble Funk in "I'm Chillin!" ; The International Observer giving "London" the dub house treatment; Kieser and Velten transforming the trip-hopping "Lamb's Bread" into a dubbed out remix; we're treated to a Rhythmic American Poetry (RAP) version of Bob Marley's "Roots Rock Reggae"; and to finish the show, Edith Bunker asks the timeless question: How Cold Can Cold Cuts get?   N ' ice-ness!

The Mad Scientists
We believe dub music isn't just an art form, it is also a science.  Some of the most elementary figures in dub call their studios laboratories, and carry names like The Scientist, The Mad Professor, BushChemist, Dubtronic Science, the Vienna Scientists. Other renowned Mad Scientists include King Tubby, Sly and Robbie, U-Sound's Adrian Sherwood, Mikey Dread, Aswad, Salmonella Dub, The Overproof Sound System, and Black Uhuru.

Versus the Mix Masters
Mad Scientists are also known as "Mix Masters" in the hip-hop and electronic/breakbeat communities.  These Mix Masters are deadly and dangerous versionistas with mad skillz in remixing breakbeat, jungle, reggae, rock, electro, and bossa nova and mashing up innovative experiments into new musical territory.  Notable Mix Masters include ColdCut/NinjaTune, RoniSize, Stereo Deluxe, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Dhizan & Kamien, The Thievery Corporation, Fila Brasilia, Boozoo Bajou, Tosca, and of course the inimitable Lee "Scratch" Perry.

Do you like Scr-Scr-Scratching? Dub Session 43 summons you into the dub chamber to scratch that itch in our special one year Anniversary episode. 

Playlist - Episode 43: Sound Clash - Mad Scientists vs. Mix Masters
01 Intro - DJChillWill "The Lost Tapes" Soundclash Medley feat. the sounds of Coldcut, Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, The Scientist, Prince Jammy, RoniSize, MikeyDread
02 Aswad - Gimme The Dub - HipHop Remix
03 Dub Syndicate - Out And About - Tunes From The Missing Channel
04 International Observer - London - Groove Corporation remix
05 Razoof- Lambs Bread_(kieser_and_velten_mix)
06 Thievery Corporation -A Guide For I & I -  Shadows Of Ourselves EP
07 Tosca - Rondo Acapricio - J.A.C.
08 Rhombus - Clav_Dub - New_Zealand_In_Dub Compilation 2003
09 Coldcut-Stop this Crazy Thing (Hedmaster Mix by Adrian Sherwood)-What's That Noise
10 Troublemakers - Chez Roger Boite Funk - Doubts & Convictions
11 Bob Marley - Roots, Rock, Reggae remix - Chant Down Babylon
12 Roni Size & Reprazent_-In Tune With the Sound - In The Mode - DJChillRework
13 Trouble Funk & Curtis Blow - I'm Chillin' - DJ ChillWill Good to GoGo remix
14 Coldcut - Say Kids What Time is It? (killer mashup circa 1993)
15 Mikey Dread - Come to mikey dreads dub party - Intro
16 DJChillWill "The Lost Tapes" outro

Episode 42:  Welcome to Dubrock! Volume 3
  Dub Rockers v3

This the nation.....with version...DubRock Vol 3   DJChillWill, the mack with stacks of wax, has been working the racks to find the best tracks.  The result...DubRock 3.0

Dub Session brings you a special mix of select elixirs from LPs, 45s, 33s and 76ers.  The Long Play from the 70s has transformed into the dub rocker for the 21st century.  Epic rock songs like Rush' 2012 and Van Halen's 1984 get the DubRock treatment 2006 stylee.  Come with DJ ChillWIll and take an excursion on the version and we'll hit you from the top with the DubRock, non-stop!*
 Achtung Dubby!

Playlist - Episode 42: Welcome to DubRock Volume 3
01 Rush 2012 meets  U2's Achtung Dubby and Van Halen 1984 inna Dubrock stylee
02 Wax Poetic Meets Steve Miller Band  - Flight in Dub Like an Eagle
03 Salmonella Dub - Bromley Roller - Rockers Come Down! Remix
03 Sly and Robbie - Superthruster - Howie B Remix
04 Overproof Sound System vs. Richard Dorfmeister - Watch What You Put Inna - A Different Drummer Remix
05 Boom Boom Satellites - Out Loud - 01 - Missing Note
06 PowerSteppers Bumper for Dub Session Roots Future
07 Beats International - Dub be Good to Me - Dj ChillWill Invasion of Le'Stat rappin remix rework
08 A Flock of Seagulls Meets Sly n Robbie and Grace Jones - I Ran From The Nipple to the Bottle - DJChill Mashup
09 The Cars Meet Mikey Dread - Rockers Delight Moving in Stereo DJChillWill rework
10 Uptight Productions - Get Uptight Man - Hi-Fidelity dub sessions 5 
11 The_Police_Walking_in_Your_Footsteps - Synchronicity
12 Walkner.Möstl - Rebel music feat. Sugar B.
13 Gorillaz-dirty_harry Rewound
14 Van Halen Meets The Brand New Heavies -Jump N' Move - Feat Jamalski and Lee Perry - Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1
15 Trio Electrico - Goo
16 Dubrock 1984 to 2012 Achtung Dubby Outro

* Special thanks to Chester Cheetah for the iambic pentameter.


Episode 41:  Live it Dub / Dub it Live!


  Live it Dub

There is nothing like a great live reggae show. Especially when the band takes an excursion on the version and turns a normal 3:40 minute song into and extended dub session.

This episode of the Dub Session podcast brings you all live dub and reggae songs in one king sized, long-play special issue.

Every great live show has an awe-inspiring intro custom-made to mash up the place, make you wind up your waist, and shake that thang with no disgrace.  Episode 41 of the Dub Session podcast brings you the best of both worlds, with live intro jams from Aswad, Steel Pulse, the Mad Professor, Pato Banton, Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, and  LKJ and The Dub Band.  We also have some extended live versions from Mad Professor and the Robotiks, the Thievery Corporation, Fila Brazilia, The Neville Brothers, Kruder & Dorfmeister inna dub stylee, and Aswad. We've got a fresh mix for the summer, Living it Dub, and dubbing it live! 

Playlist - Episode 41:  Live it Dub / Dub it Live!
01 Dub Session - Live it Dub / Dub it Live Intro
02 Aswad - Love Fire Medley Intro - Live in Japan
03 Mad Professor, Macka B and The Robotics - Live Dub Intro - Live in Prague
03 Steel Pulse - State of Emergency Intro/Blues Dance Raid - Live in Paris
04 Alpha Blondy - Live Intro - Paris Berci
05 Thievery Corp feat See - I - Focus on Sight - Live in Rennes
06 Fila Brazilia - Airlock Holmes Live - Lee Scratch Perry Kung Fu version (DJ ChIll Will edit)
07 Dzihan n Kamien - Just You & I - Live in Vienna
08 Kruder n Dorfmeister - Rolling on Chrome/Wild Mofo Dub - Live Drum Rhythm Amsterdam
09 Power Steppers - Roots Future - Dub Session Bumper
10 Pato Banton - Intro Medley - Live and Kicking all Over America and Tudo Bom - Live in Brazil mashup
11 LKJ - Intro and More Time - Live in Paris
12 Steel Pulse - Stepping Out - Live in Paris Rastafari Centennial
13 Aswad - Live and Direct - Rockers Medley
14 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Positive Vibration - Babylon by Bus
15 Neville Brothers - Her African Eyes (Charles Nevllie Sax Version) - Live on Planet Earth
16 Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers - Day-O

Episode 40:  Funky Kingston

  Funky Kingston

For episode 40, the Dub Session takes a version excursion to "Funky" Kingston

It's the early 70's. Kingston, Jamaica is abuzz with funky reggae sounds, new electronic wah-wah guitar pedals, moog keyboard synthesizers, and tons of funk-dafied reggae experimentation from King Tubby, Lee Perry, Bob Marley, Big Youth, The Skatalites, and the Pioneers.

This episode takes a trip to Kingston's early 1970s funky reggae era, with some great reggae covers and versions of funk tunes. In addition, we have lots of home-grown Kingston hits, and a few U.S funksters like the Meters and the Ohio Players crossing over to provide funky reggae-ska-soul-funk versions.  Episode 40 kicks off with "Some Good Old Funky Music" from the Meters, and then hits us from the top like a "Crazy MotherFunky" featuring two duos with Bob Marley and Lee Perry - "Caution" and "Shocks Amighty."  

The Funky Reggae era lasted in Kingston from 1968 until 1974. During this time, King Tubby and Lee Perry were the primary producers of funk and reggae crossover music.  In 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailer's first Island records album "Catch a Fire"  introduced reggae to a broader, global audience.  After 1973, fans outside of Jamaica began their love affair with reggae, creating a new rush of interest and many new artists on Kingston scene. By 1975, "Funky Reggae" had given way to a new trend, the Rockers era (see Dub Session episode 28), heralding roots reggae artists and the new superstar - DJ vocalists and toasters.
Playlist - Funky Kingston
01 Intro - The Funky Meters - Good Old Funky Music
02 Bob Marley and Lee Perry - Caution and Shocks of Mighty pt. 1
03 King Tubby & Jacob Miller - City Of The Weak Heart Dub (Mixed by King Tubby)
04 The Ohio Players - Funky Worm
05 Cymande - 1972
06 The Funky Meters - Jambalaya
07 Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Kung Fu - Enter The Dragon - Theme from Hong Kong
08 Skatalites Meet King Tubby In Dub - Fugitive Dub - Motion Records
09 The Pioneers - papa was a rolling stone (reggae version)
10 Get Back - The Beatles (Toots and Maytals Reggae Version)
11 Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Lion
12 Jablonski - Soul Makossa -Out on A Funky Trip - Motion Records
13 Big Youth - Downtown Kingston Pollution
14 Version - Paul McCartney - Live and Let Die (reggae version)
15 Tommy McCook - Bubble Strut - Out On A Funky Trip - Motion Records
16 Bob_Marley_&_The_Wailers - Kinky Reggae -  Catch_A_Fire (Original_Jamaican_Version)
17 Power Steppers -  Dub Session Roots Future Bumper
18 Quincy Jones_Greatest Hits_Sanford & Son Theme The Streetbeater
19 The Dreads At King Tubby's (1974 To 1977)- Dr. Alimentado & Jah Stitch-The Barber Feel It
20 The Funky Meters - Message From The Meters -
21 Lloyd Charmers & the Hippy Boys - Look-ka-py-py
22 Bob Marley - Chant Down Babylon Remixes- Roots, Rock, Reggae

Kinky Freddy

"How the hell did the theme from Sanford & Son wind up on a reggae mix? Cracked me up! Anyways, this edition of the Dub Session is worth getting."

 - Blogger's commentary from Soulpsychedelicide


Episode 39:  Reggae Ambassador

  Reggae Ambassador

For episode 39, the Reggae Ambassadors visit the Dub Session Sound System to bring us the "healing of the united nations", with version. 

Some of reggae's great Ambassadors provide heavyweight reggae versions, including Lee "Scratch" Perry on the wire, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Augustus Pablo, I-Roy, Aswad, Steel Pulse, Alpha Blondy and more. 

Episode 39 kicks off with Third World's prescient DJ Version of "Reggae Ambassador." Then we get a funked dub groovers set, featuring Alpha Blondy and the Rappers D'Ivoire in a Parisian ragga-rap riddim, followed by special trip hop version of Bob Marley's Concrete Jungle. Then Cymande and Big Chief Bo Dollis from New Orleans take us through the Car Wash mash up and treat us to a Bon Temps Rouler stylee with the Wild Magnolias inna Iko-Iko-Jackomo/Peace Pipe lagniappe version. Reggae Ambassador Pato Banton brings us a One World reggae jamdown live from Bolivia; the riddim twins Sly n Robbie meet Howie B with Superthruster; and the eloquent ambassador Macka B brings us a message of Peace from Mad Professor's legendary Ariwa studios.
Playlist - Reggae Ambassadors
01 Intro - Sandinista Version City rebels vs. DJChillWill Didjeridub007 remix
02 Third World - Reggae Ambassador DJ Version - from Serious Business LP
03 Alpha Blondy_Merci_Wari Feat. Saian Supa Crew (Samuel And Leeroy)
04 Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle Version - Chant Down Babylon Remixes
05 Lee Scratch Perry Meets Augustus Pablo - Black Ark/Control/Striker Lee DJ Chill blend
06 Bo Dollis and Wild Magnolias - Jockomo/Smoke My Peace Pipe mix - Life is a Carnival
07 Power Steppers -  Dub Session Roots Future Bumper meets Spinal Tap at Level 11 Studios
08 Sly & Robbie and Howie B - Superthruster
09 General Saint and Clint Eastwood -  I Can't Take Another World War
10 Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - Time Boom X De Devil Dead - Jungle
11 Macka B & Royale Roots Band - Peace
12 Linton Kwesi Johnson - Title Track - Bass Culture LP
13 Pato Banton - Live in Bolivia - One World version
14 Alpha Blondy - Coup Detat
15 Steel_Pulse - Title Track - Babylon_the_Bandit
16 Alpha Blondy - Coup Detat
17 Aswad - A New Chapter - Zion (Original Album Version)
18 Third World - Serious Business - Reggae Ambassador (original)
19 Outro - Neo vs. Bueller's Future Rebel Vision Version



Episode 38:  Riddim Come Forward

Riddim Come Forward!

Dub Session Sound System comes forward with the rub a dub riddims!! 

For episode 38, the Dub Session Sound System brings in a hot mix of riddim killaz, remixes, versions, mashups, and groovers.

We kick off episode 38 with the heavyweight champion sounds of See-I and Thunderball with "Strictly Rudeboy" - from ESL records, home of Thievery Corporation vocalist See-I and superstar producers Eric Hilton and Rob Garza. Thanks to Rootz of See-I for the track!! We also kick it with a heavyweight showdown featuring Lee Scratch Perry and Adrian Sherwood of U-Sound records on "Got The Groove," followed by the down-under Kiwi Sound System selectors Rhombus with a great dub rockers track "Clav Dub."  The show continues with a selection of reworks, rockers tracks, and hip hop versions of classic tunes updated forward inna new style. Dub Session episode 38closes out with a DJ ChillWIll triple track riddim come forward tribute mixing up Clint Eastwood vs Ranking Roger and The English Beat inna Spar Wid Me Ranking the Doors of Your Heart version excursion.  

Playlist - Riddim Come Forward
01 Intro - Warning Sounds rework
02 Thunderball Featuring See-I : Strictly Rudeboy
     (DJ Chill Will lets get ready to rumble remix intro)
03 Dub Syndicate meets Lee Scratch Perry in The Secret Laboratory - The Groove
04 Rhombus - Clav Dub
05 Damien Jr. Gong Marley - Welcome to DubRock
06 Aswad - Live in Japan - Intro and Love Fire Medley
07 Bob Marley - Chant Down Babylon Remixes - Kinky Reggae (version)
08 Macka B & Royale Roots Band - Land Of Sensi
09 Robotiks vs Pato Banton - King Step Man and Machine mashup  (DJChillWill rework)
10 Truby Trio - A Go Go (Boozoo Bajou Rmx)
11 Salmonella Dub_Inside the Dub Plates_Platetetechonics (Farty Boom Boom)
12 Clint Eastwood - Jah Lights Shining - Too Lickie Lickie
13 Ranking Roger and English Beat Mashup - (DJChillWill Riddim Come Forward tribute - Spar Wid Me Ranking the Doors of Your Heart version excursion)
15 Boozoo_Bajou--Feat Jo Dukie of Fat Freddy's Drop and U-Brown - Take It Slow
16 Dennis Brown - Go Now - Deep Down LP

Episode 37:  Future Version

  Future Version  

The futuristic sounds of the Dub Session podcast come forward! 

For episode 37, the Dub Session launches forward into time, and brings back some great beats, versions and grooves for your entertainment. 

Thanks for listening! We'll see you in the future

Playlist - Future Dub
01 Intro - Dub 3000 from the Groove Corp. and Ras T-Weed/Al Haca Soundsystem
02 LTJ Bukem - Earth 1
03 Buckwheat LeFonque - Wonders and Signs
04 Trio Electrico - Mansad
05 Radio Remix - 50 Cent at The Club (DJ Ital-Herbal Version)
06 PowerSteppers - Dub Session promo (Roots Future)
07 Yabby You -  Conquering Sound / Dreadlock Riddim  (Smith & Mighty Remix)
08 DJ ChillWill - Pink Tacos in Space (Spicoli's Alien Sex Robot Version)
09 Bob Marley - Soul Rebel (Soul Adventurer Remix)
10 Pink Floyd - Time (Easy All Stars dub version number 2)
11 Bob Marley - Jammin' (Pato Banton Live version, from Brazil)
12 Thievery Corporation feat. See-I: 38-45  (Live in Rennes)
13 St. Germain - Dub Experience
15 Aural Excursions in Dub
16 Spacemonkeys vs. Gorillaz - MIAI Dub
17 Outro - Pink Tacos in Space/Dub 3000 mashup


Acknowledgements, thanks, shout outs and updates:

In the last few weeks, many positive events have occurred with DJ ChillWill and the Dub Session podcast. We'd like to give massive respect, love and thanks to P-AV Design and Production, Mr. Blentwell, and DPW PR. First off, we'd like to send many thanks to Will at P-AV Design, the producers of the UK Music Hall of Fame TV show and the Britpop Awards, for making the Dub Session an awesome, pro-quality new logo!! 

Second, big ups and respect go out to one of our favorite sites,, for including the Dub Session "Vienna Dub Masters Episode 34" mix in their list of "blent well" select mixes.  This is a great honor, since the DJs selected by Mr. Blentwell are extraordinary in their craft and mixology. We're pleased to be included in this group of kick-ass DJs!!

Also thanks go out to Amy and the crew at DPW Public Relations for access to artists and performances at the impressive Houston International Festival.  We enjoyed attending this year's event and covering shows at the festival's Jamaica and Louisiana themes, including artists Burning Spear, The Skatalites, Yerba Buena, and Stephen Marley. 

Big ups to Haji Mike for sending his new CD, The Storyman, bringing us reggae, dub and hip hop mediterranean stylee. We love Haji Mike's storytelling, personal activism in political and social affairs, and his positive outlook on the future.

Dub Session Now Available via Tivo
Thanks to futuristic technologies, the Dub Session podcast is becoming more accessible and more enjoyable. First among these is Tivo! The Tivo's Series 2 service just added RSS feeds and podcasts to the Tivo service. It is a real treat to hear quality podcasts through the Tivo and directly through a stereo system. If you have a Tivo, try this at home.  Just click "add URL" and type in our RSS feed address.

Episode 36: Welcome to Dubrock (Version 2.0)
  Welcome to Dubrock! (version 2.0)

Rrrrrrrreewind! Load up the Dubrock. Come down!  We bring in the Dubrock version 2 with Led Zeppelin meets Marie Juana de Buenos Iries inna Rocka Shocka stylee.  Aswad knows what the people are wanting is dub playing until the morning, and bring us the Drum & The Bass Line from Live 25!   Next, Alpha Blondy shows us how to rock Abijan stylee; we raid the Blues Dance with UK reggae pioneers Steel Pulse; and Salmonella Dub brings down the Kiwi-rock drum n bass riddim style. Get ready to take flight when Steve Miller meets Wax Poetic in the Fly Like an Eagle/Flight in Dub remix.  Then, we rock the underground with Colder and CottonBelly from the Global Underground After Hours 2 compilation. Next, we take a spin on the DubSession Are You Experienced? beat blender inna Fila Brazillia Hendrix stylee. We set the DubRock blender on ice chill chrush mode with Jimi Hendrix Meets the LKJ Dub Band: Castles Made of Di Great Insohrekschan (ChillWIll Version). Finally, one good thing about music is the Trenchtown Rock medley rewound by the BMW SoundSystem.

01 Intro - Led Zeppelin Meets Marie Juana da Buenos Iries inna RockaShocka stylee
02 Aswad - Drum & Bass Line Live Version - From Live 25
03 Alpha Blondy - Hey Jack - From the Merci CD
04 Steel Pulse - Blues Dance Raid - from True Democracy LP
05 Kiwi Rockers - Black Seeds/Salmonella Dub - Bromley East Roller (Rockers Come Down)
06 311 - Amber - From Chaos
07 Steve Miller Band Meets Wax Poetic - NuBlu Sessions- Fly LIke an Eagle/Flight In Dub
08 Roni Size - Give Me a Reason - Return to V
09 Colder - One Night in Tokyo - Global Underground After Hrs 2
10 Cotton Belly - Tempest Dub - Global Underground After Hrs 2
11 DubSession DubRock Are You Experienced? Blender - The Rhythm Part One; Fila Brazillia - Serratia Marcescens; Jimi Hendrix Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, Voodoo Chile
12 Jimi Hendrix Meets the LKJ Dub Band: Castles Made of Di Great Insohrekschan (Acapella DJ ChillWIll Mashup Version) ->
13 LKJ Dub Band -> Mekkin Histri -Live in Paris-2003
15 Damien Jr. Gong Marley - Welcome To Jamrock - TItle Track Welcome to Jamrock
16 Welcome to Dubrock : Marley Medley - Roots, Rock, Reggae; Trenchtown Rock Groooving Kingston Long Vocal Version; Am-A-Do (Talkin' Blues)
17 Fly Like a Zeppelin Dubrock outro

Episode 35: Welcome to Dubrock (Version 1.0)

  Welcome to Dubrock! (version 1.0)

After taking a month-long excursion on the version to Latin America (DS episode 32), Vienna, Austria (DS34), and New Zealand (DS31), DJ ChillWill is back in session, dubrock stylee. This episode brings the Dub Session back to form, blending dub, reggae, downtempo, rock, hip hop, cinematic soundscapes, version, b-sides, trip-hop, mash-ups, remixes and reggae/rock covers from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the sounds of the millenium.


Episode #34 Vienna Dub Masters

  Vienna Dub Masters

Dub Session's Global Reggae Showcase Series continues with its third installment:

Austrian Reggae: The Vienna Dub Masters

Since the mid 1990s, Vienna Austria has become a major hub for innovation, experimentation and production of dubtronic-style reggae.  The Vienna sound is a distinct blend of drum and bass, acid jazz, electronic downtempo, and reggae music taking cues from the production techniques of King Tubby, Lee Perry, The Mad Professor and ColdCut. The defining characteristic of the Vienna sound is the confluence of electronic dance music and reggae dub-style production - yielded a unique "Vienna Scientists" style. This innovative mixing and blending of styles has introduced legions of new dance music fans to dub reggae; helped to popularize and revitalize the dub and reggae music industry; and has launched many new crossover reggae/dub/electronica artists.

Many of the key figures in the Vienna dub scene can be found on the resident G-Stone label run by the legendary dub-electronica production team Kruder & Dorfmeister. There is also the famous weekly live event the "Dub Club" run by DJs, toasters, producers and bedroom rockers alike.  This showcase of Vienna's key Dub Masters includes: Tosca, Dhizan & Kamien, Dr. Richard (Dorfmeister), The Peace Orchestra (Kruder), DJ DSL, Rockers Hi-Fi, Stereotyp, Walkner, Sofa Surfers, Markus Kienzl, Rodney Hunter, Megablast and The Vienna Scientists collective, as well as "Toasters" Farda P, Sugar B, and Tikimon to name a few. This week, the Dub Session heads to Central Europe to showcase the dub-tronic sounds of Vienna, Austria.  Niceness!!

01 Kruder & Dorfmeister - Lexicon intro mix
02 Dub Club 2000 compilation  - Title Track
03 Tosca - Chocolate Elvis - Boozoo Bajou Soul Sufferer Version
04 Overproof Sound System - Watch What You Put Inna radio mix
05 DZihan & Kamien - Smile (Eddy & Dus Kontrapunkt Mix)
06 Tosca - Fuck Dub - Baby Mammoth Version (ShockWaves Mad Skillz edit)
07 Overproof SoundSystem- Watch What You Put Inna - Different Drummer version
08 Rockers Hi-Fi Meet Ella Fitzgerald- Sunshine Of Your Love (Groove Corp Remix)
09 Cutty Ranks - The Stopper - Dr. Richard remix
10 Dzihan & Kamien - Ay Ay Ay - Hi-fidelity dub sessions chapter 2
11Tosca - Busenfreund - Dubphonic Mix  - G Stone Book
12 Kieser Velten - Dubolution
13 Stereotyp --Pon_Remote 12"
14 Kruder & Dorfmeister - Shakatakadoodub - Breaking the ice

Episode 33: Weapons of Mass Dub Version

  Weapons of Mass Dub Version

Recent events have prompted your host to release this episode of Dub Session, titled "Weapons of Mass Dub version."

This episode is a meditation on the recent escalations of nuclear power and war in the Middle East.

Playlist - Dub Session 33 - Weapons of Mass Dub Version

01. DJ Chill Will - Weapons of Mass Dub Version intro - a homegrown WMD version mix of "I Ran" by flock of Seagulls, UB40's "Present Arms," the Cars "Moving in Stereo," various sound efx Mickey Dread's "Wake up Call" and "World War Three" selections
02. Jr. Gong Marley  Confrontation intro - spoken word by Bunny Wailer
03. Steel Pulse and Damien Marley - No Weapons (Of Mass Destruction)
04. LKJ Live in Paris 2003 - The Eagle and The Bear
05. Alpha Blondy - Interplanetary Revolution
06. Aswad - Nuclear Soldier
07. Thievery Corp. feat. Sleepy Wonder - State of The Union Address
08 Groove Corporation remix - The Only Redeemer
09. Alpha Blondy - Guerre - remix of Bob Marley's "War/No More Trouble"
10. G-Corp with Peacetime
11. Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War
12. Bob Marley - So Much Trouble in The World
13. Steel Pulse -Wild Goose Chase
14. Easy All Stars featuring Frankie Paul - dub version of "Us and Them"

Episode 32: Latin American Reggae and Dub

  Latin American Reggae & Dub

Dub Session's Global Reggae Showcase Series continues with its second installment, the Latin American Reggae and Dub special.
This episode of the Dub Session explores some of the key artists from Latin America's reggae, dub and ska music scene.  Artists featured in this edition include Gilberto Gil from Brazil, Federico Aubele from Argentina, Sinsemilla Dub from Brazil, Sergent Garcia from Cuba, Manu Chao from Spain, The Gotan Project from Argentina, El Grand Silencio from Mexico, Suba from Brazil, King Chango from Mexico, and a special performance by Pato Banton in Brazil. For more information on the artists featured in this edition, please refer to the Latin American Reggae Special pages for artist info, a playlist, videos and more.

Playlist - Dub Session #32 - Latin America Reggae & Dub special

01) Brazil - Intro - Royal Rumba - Joao de Olivera Fila Brazillia' Remix
02) Cuba/Jamaica/Germany - Boozoo Bajou & Top Cat - The Killer
03) Brazil - Sinsemilla Dub - Ondas
04) Argentina - Federico Aubele - Postales
05) Mexico - El Gran Silencio - Returno de Chuntaros Radio
06) Argentina - Gotan Project - Santa Maria de Buenos Aires
07) Brazil - Suba - Pegados de Madrugada
08) Brazil - Sensimilla Dub - Sotao
07) Mexico - Desorden Publico - One World
08) Brazil - Gilberto Gil - Kaya (Live at Rock and Rio)
09) Brazil - Sinsimellia Dub - Police N Helicopters
10) Brazil - Ultraje al Rigor - Mim Quer Tocar
11) Mexico/US - Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae Live Remix
12) Argentina - Gotan Project - El Capitalismo Foreano
13) Mexico - King Chango - So Sweet
14) Brazil/UK - Pato Banton & Co - Tudo Bom (Live Mix)
15) Spain - Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu
Fillers and effects from El Gran Silencia - Chuntaros Radio and King Chango - Champion Sound

Dub Session - Episode 31: New Zealand Reggae

  #31 - NZ Reggae and Dub Special

Dub Session's Global Reggae Showcase Series brings you its first installation, the New Zealand Reggae Showcase, Vol. 1. This episode of the Dub Session explores the defining artists of the New Zealand reggae scene.  New Zealand's music has a special, unique flavor - a distinct blend of reggae-funk-hip hop-Maori roots-dub styles that provides a fresh expression of roots culture, modern technology, and future vision. For more information on the artists featured in this edition, please refer to the NZ Reggae Special pages for videos, artist profiles and more.

   Rhombus - Clev Dub (New Zealand)                 

Dub Session Podcast - Episode 30: Versionista!

  #30 - Versionista!

As we release our 30th episode, The Dub Session continues to celebrate the revolutionary outernational styles of the reggae version, inna future dub styleeee.

This episode of the Dub Session takes you on a Version Excursion, starting with a home-baked riddim scratch ensemble with elements of Mikey Dread, Lee Scratch Perry, the Mad Professor, Aswad in Dub, and some "Dektronic" Acid loops, followed by Boozoo Bajou's "Killer Dub," Aswad's legendary live dubbed-out version of "African Children" at the Notting Hill Carnival, and The International Observer's "London." 

Then we come with a different style and bring you the toasts with the most, starting with General Saint and Clint Eastwood "Another One Bites The Dust ", followed by Pato Banton and Tippa Irie in "Double Trouble." Musical Youth brings us "The Youth of Today", Black Uhuru with "Botanical Roots", Stereotyp with Tikiman in "Fling Down Style", the Mad Professor remixes Vienna artists Sofa Surfers "Red Beans & Rice",  Asian Dub Foundation's "The Riddim I Like", Stereotyp with Sootsayer in G-Stone's Title Track to the "Dub Club" LP, and Sola Rosa with "Sleepwalker".

The version takes an excursion to the Pacific with Celestial's "Rocking Tonite" from the Hong Kong Dub Station album. New Zealands' Fat Freddy's Drop brings us "This Room" from the acclaimed Based on a True Story CD. We wind down the show with South Africa's Lucky Dube in a thoughtful story "The Other Side" and close with Ziggy Marley's "One Good Spliff". 

Join us for next week's Episode 31, where we keep on dubbing into the future styles of reggae, version and downtempo.

The Dub Session Video Arcade
 A Space Monkey's Delight 

Episode 29: Positive Vibration

  #29 - Positive Vibration

Greetings. This is DJ Chill Will, the host of the Dub Session podcast.

This episode is a tribute to everyone who has sent Positive Vibrations to the Dub Session podcast.

Since we started in August 2005, the audience has grown and we have enjoyed lots of feedback from all over the world.  We're getting mail from listeners in Africa, Brazil, Europe, Asia and even China! I feel personally grateful for every one who has sent greetings and positive vibes via email to the show. 

As they say in Venezuela I'd like to thank "Los Amigos Invisibles" or my invisible friends. These are the people who took part in over 5000 downloads of the Dub Session in February, 2006. Whodat? I don't know. But thanks go out to all folks downloading and listening to the podcast. We are grateful, and in return we have mixed up a new show just for you - the Positive Vibration edition.

Episode 28: Rockers! Special


  #28 - Rockers! Special

This week the Dub Session celebrates the 30th year anniversary of the production of the movie "Rockers!" In 1976, the movie was produced and released in 1977. 

At the time the movie was released, the Rockers were a group of musicians, DJs, producers and Toasters in Jamaica who were expanding the boundaries of music production and innovation.   Often, a hit song would be released on an "A" side like Dennis Brown's "Revolution" or Jacob Miller's "Pamela", or the infamous "Under Mi Sleng Ting" ryddym. 

Typically, records were released as singles, and on the A side was a vocal version of a popular song, and on the B side was a "dub" version.  These popular songs were played in the clubs, or Dancehalls in Jamaica, and then the B sides were played. These B-sides, or dub versions, became templates for reggae-rappers known in Jamaica as "DJs" or "Toasters" to show off their craft.   This was the time for Toasters and DJs to shine and show off their stuff.  These DJs were Big Youth, I-Roy, U-Roy, U-Brown, Dillinger, Al Capone etc to name a few. 

The "Rockers" movement in Jamaica from 1972 to 1979 provided the genesis of modern hip hop music production and toasting/rapping, from Kingstown to Brooklyn, Brixton and beyond. In the same way that King Tubby and The Scientist became famous for re-producing hit songs into dub classics like "King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown", their counterparts Africa Bambaataa and Grand Master Flash in the later 1970s were mixing up the birth of hip hop with their production wizardry and dubplates for rap artists.

Jamaican star DJs and Toasters inspired the birth of the rap movement in Brooklyn in the late 1970s where disco hits' B-sides were played, and rappers from different "crews" would battle for style points and popularity just like their Jamaican cousins did at the Dance Halls in Kingston and Negril. So, this week we celebrate the Rockers and put together a showcase of classic Rockers artists, albums and some new-steppers and Rockers from New Zealand, the UK, Jamaica and Austria. 

Episode 27: Catch a Fire


  #27 - Catch a Fire

This week Valentine's Day creeps up on us and submits us to an endless barrage of commercialism and lovey dovey awareness. For this Valentine's, the Dub Session is dubbing to the beat of a different drummer selection. It can be said that if you fall in love, your heart catches fire and burns. 

For Episode 27, the Dub Session aims to "Catch A Fire" and plays songs related to this theme.  So whether you wish to Catch a Fire as an ital correction, a Nyabinghi meditation, or via cupid's arrow, this station brings you the healing of the nation, with version. 

   Bob Marley & The Wailers - Could You Be Loved?

Episode 26: Super Bowl Sundae special edition


February brings us a special Super Bowl Sundae edition of the Dub Session.  This episode features sounds and songs of football to celebrate the world's biggest game and broadcast - the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 05th. 

DJ ChillWill has mixed up a special edition of champion sounds emphasizing the strong, tough, fit, bloody, hard-hitting and razor-sharp songs from the Dub Session reggae catalog to get you in the mood for Superbowl 26. This episode features a sweet-tooth treat mixing in three different versions of Ozomatli's incredible arrangement "Super Bowl Sundae" with a sittar, congo drums, mouth harp, DJ ColdCut on the Turntables, Charlie Tuna from Jurassic5 on vocals, and the fantastic horn section of Ozomatli.  Are you ready for some football?  Get ready for the thrill of the victory, and the agony of de-feet.   


Episode 25: Dub Session 25th Show


From the land of the longhorns and alligators comes the latest edition of the Dub Session, now broadcasting from Houston, TX. Episode 25 kicks off with a great "intro/promo" piece custom made for the Dub Session by Colin of Power Steppers and the Zion Train - thanks to Colin for the killer intro.

Our 25th episode takes you around the world for some inter-continental dub grooves, starting with the Zion Train from Germany, Celestial's Hong Kong Dub Station, Alpha Blondy from Cote D'Ivore Africa with a French version of "Natural Mystic," The New Zealand's dub steppers Salmonella Dub with Platetonic and NZ's Black Seeds with TukTuk, Steel Pulse' Steppin' Out, Thievery Corporation's Richest Man in Babylon G-Corp Remix, Dub Syndicate with "Out and About", a DubMission2 Fila Brazillia remix of Black Uhuru's Chill Out, HeadCornerStone with Hot Like Fire, and finally Black Uhuru from the legendary Dub Factor LP with Boof N Baff N Biff. We wrap up episode 25 with a special promo spot for the PuffCast weekly reggae podcast from Seattle, WA by Dr. Puff - a great selection of new, podsafe artists, and original electronica remixes.

Episode 24: Movin' Dub


Open Sesame, here comes Rasta La Vista man.  Abracadabra catch me if you can.

Steppin Out carries in the theme of Dub Session 24 - Keep On Movin!  It's a new year, a new time kick things off right and get a move on. From the North To the South to the East to the West, this station rules the nation with version. This is a Steppers special with shout outs to the Dodge City crew from the new Dub Session studios in Bayou country.

New! Check out our sister station:

Episode 23: Dub Session Didjeri-007


We're kicking off the New Year with the ground shaking sounds of the Djderidoo. Call up the ancient spirits. Mix up a martini.

Dub Session #23 starts with a Didjeri 007 intro, a Killer Dub from Boozoo Bajou, and a French Double-Dub serving with the Troublemakers and Mad In Paris with GoGo Motion. Then we transport you to the 1970s for a "Rastafarian folk song, dedicated to the world's first hippie", from Cymande, along with some Wax Poetic, Drum & Bossa, Fila Brazillia, DnK, and the Dub n The Restless.

This week also marks the 20th anniversary of the 1976 production of the reggae film Rockers, and we have a funky wah-wah title track to the score with Bunny Wailer singing the R-O-C-K-E-R-S  Rockers! Finally we have some rare cuts from the BMW Exodus Deluxe release, with a Punky Reggae Party (long version), and an alternative version of Roots.

#20-21 Dub Session Holiday Episodes

  Reggae Christmas Special - Episode #20
We start with the Reggae Christmas Special, featuring a few new songs, along with some obscure 1970s Dub-DJ "Rockers" songs, and selections from reggae Christmas compilations and they Dub Session vinyl vault.

Our favorite of the bunch is the the John Holt/Ray I compilation titled "Natty I-Smas." As Ray I the Rockers DJ/Toaster says "'Tis the season for some Collie - falalala lala la la." This one is rated PG-13. This episode is a special re-issue of our DubSession Christmas mix.

  Chill Out Holiday Remix Special - Episode #21
Next, we have the Dub Session Holiday Remix special.  We gathered holiday remix collections and put them through the Dub Session beat blender for a tasty holiday treat. This episode is a special re-issue of our DubSession ChillOut holiday remix.


   Aswad - Roots Rockin' Live


#19 Special Episode-Reggae Under Cover Vol. 1


Dub Session goes under cover and warms thing up with some of the best all time Reggae versions of classic rock & roll, pop, dance, and reggae tunes. 

We start things off with the Dub Side of The Moon, move into some classic 70s psychedelic rock covers, and then on to some Beatles and some special treats by toasters Yellowman, Peter Metro, Pato Banton and Ranking Roger. This episode is the first in a series of reggae cover shows you will hear on the Dub Session show. For more reggae tributes check this Amazon list of CDs.. Playlist

#18 Give Thanks Mix

For Thanksgiving week, Dub Session presents a special thanksgiving episode with songs of thanks and praises.
Special thanks to DJ Dluxe for the Brazilretro mix, DJ Geno for the Space Dub Mix, and special shout out to Tedlox and MC Larz for guidance and assistance with the show. Thanks to listeners and web portals for the great emails and support, including JT Conducive, and the Zion Train's Dub Portal, and shout outs to the Poppa Fresh crew and the Tuna Pilot brethren. Thanks to the many podcast directories like Yahoo Podcasts, Odeo, The Podcast Directory, Podcast News and many others for making the Dub Session podcast available through their outlets. Happy Thankgiving to all Dub Session friends and listeners! Playlist
#17 DJ-Dlux Brazilretro Mix

Guest DJ D-Lux Brazilretro Mix

Dub Session welcomes old-school roots reggae DJ D-Lux to the show for a stone cold groove of Brazilian roots and trip hop sounds. For nearly twenty years, DJ D-Lux has been both a DJ and student  of Jamaican and Brazilian music. This mix blends Brazil's retro-funk protest music of the 70s with singer-songwriters of the 60s and mix masters of the present day for a unique, D-Lux sound. For more information, see the Dub Session DJ D-Lux interview and the show playlist

Salmonella Dub - Platetonics

Podcast Directories Slideshow

Slideshow of Podcast Directories

We would like to thank Yahoo! Podcasts, Odeo, the Podcast Directory, Feedburner and over twenty different sites on the web for listing the Dub Session in their podcast directories.

 Now you can visit many different sites to download and listen to the Dub Session podcast. To view a list of these sites, take a look at the following slideshow of Podcast Directories on the web listing the Dub Session.

#16 Bubblin Fresh Session

Bubblin Fresh Session


This week the Dub Session brings you a special blend of dub classics, Reggae music, progressive dub and some fresh music from John Brown's Body, The Bad Brains, and Jem.  Some people have asked - how do you properly pronounce the name of your podcast? It sounds Cajun, like "on-yon" or "cay-jun." Sounds like "Sean." Hence the pronunciation "Dub - Ses - Sean"  For inspiration, we bring you a special appearance by the Tuna Pilot kids on the last track with "Yahoo Unky Will."  Playlist
 Steel Pulse - No Weapons

#15 Four Decades of Dub

November 07, 2005
This week Dub Session dives into the record crates and mashes up rub a dubs spanning four decades, from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the new millenium. We've got some some old-school rub a dubs from Burning Spear - Do The Reggae, Alpha Blondy's Dub Version of Chiens, Bad Brains on a tight mix of I n I Survive, and Sugar Minott's version of the Beatles Hard Day's Night called All Dub Night. The new dub sessions come to you from Boozoo Bajou with a special "melodica" remix of Camioux; Stereotyp and Tikiman with My Sound; Groove Corp with a nice remix of Yabby You; The Easy All Stars remix of Pink Floyd's Speak to Me/Breathe; St. Germain's Montego Bay Spleen; and some down under dub from Salmonella Dub with the FartyBoom ryddym remix.

#13 & 14 Brazilectro Double Edition

  Brazilectro Special Double Edition

As the weather gets chilly and the leaves change, this special double-edition episode takes you on a daydream to a beach in Brazil, sipping a Chaiparina and enjoying the sights and sounds of Brazil dub style! Many of the remix artists you hear on the Dub Session such as Tosca, Boozoo Bajou, Fila Brazillia, Thievery Corp, and Dhizan & Kamien are not only specialists at remixing Jamaican dub and Jazz into new styles, but are maestros at remixing 1960s Bossa Nova Brazilian tunes into the new forms called "Bossa Brava" or "Brasilectro." This week, Dub Session sets sail to Brazil to warm up the early winter nights and get you dubbing in a tropical groove.

Brazilectro Special #1 (dub session #13)
Brazilectro Special #2 (dub session #14)

#12 Back In the Mix


This Dub Session brings us back to what we do best - mixing a heady brew of dub stew from many countries, styles and genres. We start off this episode with a intro clip from the "Kung Fu Funk" sessions by The Lords of Percussion; a spoken message from Lee Perry and the Black Ark studios; "Fling Down Style" from Stereoptyp; "Divers" from Dorfmeister Different Drummer series; Groove Corp's Waterhouse Rock remix; HiFi Dub Sessions' "Wicked a Go Dub It"; Scratch Perry and Mad Professor together on "Jungle Safari"; Asian Dub Foundation's "Riddim I Like"; Salmonella Dub's "Fartyboom" remixed by the Groove Corp.; The Dub Syndicate Featuring Lee Scratch Perry on "DubaDissababa"; Celestial with "Pounding Waves" from the innovative Hong Kong Dub Station LP; another shot of Salmonella Dub with a remix of "Dub Survivor"; France's Echo Roots Dub with "Know Roots Dub Pt. 1.. Finally, if you're still hungry for more dub, we finish with a special serving of "Baked Beans and Eggs" by Macka B from Mad Professor's Ariwa UK label.
#11 Special "Headphones" Edition

Dubsession #11  Special "Headphones" Edition
For this episode, headphones are required listening material. Remember the first time you listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, or Black Uhuru's Dub Factor with your headphones? Your first quadraphonic stereo experience, as it is meant to be. Totally fxxxxing awesome. Well, this week's episode celebrates the creative energy and craftsmanship that makes a great song an awesome "headphones special." For this episode, you will be flying at an altitude of 20,000 dubbahertz, cruising high above the zionosphere with Bootsy Collins' rendition of Jimi Hendrix' if 6 was 9; a Marley dub of Roots Rock Reggae; Big Bud's Runaway; Small World's Livin' Dub; Fling Style from Stereotyp Feat Tikiman; the Funky Lowlive's Inside; Boozoo Bajou' Bakar; Keiser and Ventlen remix of Razoof's Lamb's Bread; Dub Syndicate's Bazooke; Sly & Robbie with Howie B Stripped to The Bone; Groove Corp's Divers; and closing out with Andub Head's Yudu.


#10 Get The Funk Out

 Do you like sc-scr-scratching?

This week marks a milestone for the Dub Session - our tenth episode.  For this one, we're going old school, and getting Funk Dub with some scratching, trip hop, groovey dubs,  GoGo, and samba-style riddyms.  This episode starts with some Aswad's "Gimme The Dub", and goes into some creative mixing with some DJ Hurricane with a funked dub "Hey Ladies" remix; Brooklyn Funk Essentials; kieser-vekten's "Dubolition"; D&K's "Sliding"; a medley of grooves from Led Zep, Roni Size and Coldcut; Uptight Productions; Big Bud's "Runaway"; Groove Corp's "Worst Dressed Chicken"; a killer Adrien Sherwood remix of Air's "How Does it Make You Feel?"; Caia's "Magic Dragon"; Wax Poetic's "Flight in Dub"; a phat D&B remix of the Police's "Walking on the Moon"; and a finale of grooves from ColdCut and a medley of GoGo funk grooves by Trouble Funk and mixed by DJChillWill.
#8-9 Katrina Soundtracks Vol 1 & 2

Hurricane Katrina Soundtrack Volume 2
September 2, 2005 - Dubsession #08

Hurricane Katrina Soundtrack Volume 1

Hi - this is your host Chill Will Here. I've been watching the hurricane coverage on TV for nearly a week now. How can you not be moved by the tragedy and triumph of the human experience from the remains of Hurricane Katrina? This episode serves as a soundtrack to the human experiences of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. This thematic episode features song titles such as "Fiyo On The Bayou", "Gimme Shelter", "When The Levee Breaks", and "Burning and Looting" along with reggae songs from Bob Marley, Burning Spear, General Public, and rock and funk songs from New Orleans groups Neville Brothers, Wild Tchiapatulas, The Radiators, Bo Dollis, and The Meters. Please help the hungry and the homeless left behind, and donate to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.
#7 Roaring Sounds

Dubsession #7 - Roaring Sounds
Hey Soundboy - this station that rules the nation... with version ...starting with some DC Go-Go from Chuck Brown; a funky reggae ditty from Fishbone; some island grooves from the Neville Brothers, a track from Willie Nelson's new reggae album, Countryman; and some Roaring Sounds International from Argentina's Federico Aubele; Kung Fu dubbin from the grasshopper hiFi; Dorfmeister and Cutty Ranks; New Zealand rockers Salmonella Dub; SoulNSoda's My Kinda Woman; and the Ryddym Twins Sly & Robbie bring in the Dub Factor.  Niceness!

#6 Funk Dub

Dubsession #6 - Funk Dub
Rrrrrrrewind! Come back again. Your host returns fom vacation with some fresh ryddyms, new tracks, aural excursions in this version of Dubsession, episode six.  Dub Session #6 highlights: Killer Dub from Boozoo Bajou a 12" from their latest album, some Funk Dub from DC's Bad Brains; Niney the Observer; Inspector Ital; Dr. Ring Ding; The Black Seed's psychedelic Kings and Queens dub; Bob Marley's Put it On redubbed G. Corporation; and the Blood Fire Sound System. Mash-up dubs in an Ital stylee. 

#5 One Love, Many Countries

Dub Session #5
One Love, Many Countries! Dubsession #5 goes on a global riddym discovery of dub from six continents in one hour. This session starts at the Hong Kong Dub Station; over to Japan for Caia; down under in New Zealand for some Black Seeds; Argentina with the Gotan Project and Federico Aubele; Bermuda for Sly & Robbie with Grace Jones; Vienna for some Gstoned Black Koffee and Dhizan & Kamien; London-town for Fila Brazillification, Groove Corp and Aswad; Norway for Fluke; and DC for a Thievery number.  Playlist

#4 Trans-Continental Grooves

Dub Session #4
This episode takes a ride through Vienna, Jamaica, London, DC and back to Vienna to close, featuring artists such as Walkner, Dr. Richard, the Funky Lowlives, Sly & Robbie's rendition of Sesame Street, Thievery, Gregory Isaacs, Steel Pulse, the Bush Chemists, and mo... 

Check out the DJ Mixes section for chilled grooves and show archives. Listen to the Dub Selector Jukebox to hear what's spinning on the dubsession SoundSystem. Artists and albums loaded into the jukebox include the Dub Club, the G-Stone, Walkner, StereoTyp, and tracks from the Vienna Scientists.


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