Episode 32: Latin American Reggae and Dub
  Latin American Reggae & Dub

Dub Session's Global Reggae Showcase Series continues with its second installment, the Latin American Reggae and Dub special.

This episode of the Dub Session explores some of the key artists from Latin America's reggae, dub and ska music scene.  Artists featured in this edition include Gilberto Gil from Brazil, Federico Aubele from Argentina, Sinsemilla Dub from Brazil, Sergent Garcia from Cuba, Manu Chao from Spain, The Gotan Project from Argentina, El Grand Silencio from Mexico, Suba from Brazil, King Chango from Mexico, and a special performance by Pato Banton in Brazil. For more information on the artists featured in this edition, please refer to the Latin American Reggae Special pages for artist info, a playlist, videos and more.

Playlist - Dub Session #32 - Latin America Reggae & Dub special

01) Brazil - Intro - Royal Rumba - Joao de Olivera Fila Brazillia' Remix
02) Cuba/Jamaica/Germany - Boozoo Bajou & Top Cat - The Killer
03) Brazil - Sinsemilla Dub - Ondas
04) Argentina - Federico Aubele - Postales
05) Mexico - El Gran Silencio - Returno de Chuntaros Radio
06) Argentina - Gotan Project - Santa Maria de Buenos Aires
07) Brazil - Suba - Pegados de Madrugada
08) Brazil - Sensimilla Dub - Sotao
07) Mexico - Desorden Publico - One World
08) Brazil - Gilberto Gil - Kaya (Live at Rock and Rio)
09) Brazil - Sinsimellia Dub - Police N Helicopters
10) Brazil - Ultraje al Rigor - Mim Quer Tocar
11) Mexico/US - Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae Live Remix
12) Argentina - Gotan Project - El Capitalismo Foreano
13) Mexico - King Chango - So Sweet
14) Brazil/UK - Pato Banton & Co - Tudo Bom (Live Mix)
15) Spain - Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu
Fillers and effects from El Gran Silencia - Chuntaros Radio and King Chango - Champion Sound

Gilberto Gil (Brazil) - Three Little Birds                   

Whats New?

Video of The Week

 Steel Pulse feat. Damien Jr. Gong Marley - No Weapons

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Thanks for listening! Tune in next week for Dub Session #33.

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