What's cooking at dubsession.com?  Here are of some of our favorite mixes and compilations by DJ Chill Will, friends of dubsession, and key artists and innovators in the field.  Here the mixes come in many forms - compilations, remixes, live shows, dub mash ups, thematic dub sessions, genre based dubs and genre-busting dubs that defy categorization.

Brazilectro Special Double Edition
  Brazilectro Special

Dub Session sets sail to Brazil to warm up the early winter nights and get you dubbing in a tropical groove. Many of the remix artists you hear on the Dub Session such as Tosca, Boozoo Bajou, Fila Brazillia, Thievery Corp, and Dhizan & Kamien are not only specialists at remixing Jamaican dub and Jazz into new styles, but are maestros at remixing 1960s Bossa Nova Brazilian tunes into the new forms called "Bossa Brava" or "Brasilectro." These artists, along with Brazilian originals like Gilberto Gil and Bebel Gilberto are featured in this double set.

Brazilectro Special #1 (dub session #13)
Brazilectro Special #2 (dub session #14)

DJ D-Lux Brazilretro Mix


Dub Session welcomes old-school roots reggae DJ D-Lux to the show for a stone cold groove of Brazilian roots and trip hop sounds. For nearly twenty years, DJ D-Lux has been both a DJ and student  of Jamaican and Brazilian music. This mix blends Brazil's retro-funk protest music of the 70s with singer-songwriters of the 60s and mix masters of the present day for a unique, D-Lux sound. For more information, see the Dub Session DJ D-Lux interview and the show playlist

DJGenO - Space Dub Mix

Space is the place where Jerry Garcia can steal your face, Lee Scratch Perry can ride up pon de ryddym like a space cowboy, and Roni Size's new forms of jungle dubs keep your head ringing.  This Mix comes from Maui, Hawaii by DJ GeneO, an old-school chocolate city dubbernaught and HarDCore mc.  Bring your space suit, take your protein pills, and put your helmet on. For more from DJGenO, visit www.goneill.com

Space Dub Mix (mp3)


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