To Listeners - A Message of Thanks

Dub Session listeners,

Big thanks to everyone who is sending emails to the show!

Here are a few choice emails that have come in from all over the world.  Thanks for all of the great feedback that is coming in from listeners around the world.

Please keep in touch - you can reach me anytime at dubsession (at)

DJ Chill Will
Host, The Dub Session podcast


Listener Feedback via email

thanks to you for being

i love the mixes  

you are a treasure

please dont ever stop

Greetings of Brasil

Aloha bredren..

Thanks so much for the everloving irie vibes yah spread.. One ?~ 'this station rules the nation with...version' wats this? Im telling all friends to tune in..

Much love and appreciation

~ Cassandra

DJ Chill Will,

Yo, We are digging what you are laying down.

Respect, and bless it up.

Peace, Rootz of See-I
ESL Records, Vocalists & Performers, Thievery Corporation

chill will!

i love your podcast! i listen to your podcast all the time wearing gigantic headphones on the subway in beijing and everyone thinks i'm nuts it's great! please keep making them!

Beijing, China

DJ Chill Will,

You are a mighty, mighty DJ dubmastermixer. I love the podcasts! Thank you so much.

— Jonathan

Do you hear that? Now, that's night. That's really the music I listen to: crickets, frogs, the sounds of nature. If you go to the countryside with a tape recorder, you find the music of the hills. It's different from commercial music. Once you record, that's commerce, that's 'bizniz.' Music is the chant of the earth. If you listen to it, nature is music, and music is there for changes. It brings the strength of the rhythm to the people.

— Bob Marley

Hi Will,

I've just discovered your Dubsession podcasts, and have become
immediately addicted to them! Some of the very best podcasts I've ever heard, and the best dub/reggae sequences I've heard since the days of the UK punk movement in 76-78, when all the best punk discos used to gradually mutate into great, booming dub reggae discos as the evening progressed.

So many, many thanks for this labour of love - long may you continue to have as much fun putting these beauties together as I have listening to them!

Thanks again for the great sounds,


Hey Hey

Im a newly dedicated fan of your podcasts. Im in New Zealand and this range of music is going off here at the moment.

Awsome range of Music you have. t i am Lovin this shit man!!! Dont stop.

Che che

If i can help you out in finding New Zealand music in anyway let me know.


I really really want to thank you for producing two fantastic podcasts!! My wife and I listen to it all of the time. It makes my job in front of the computer bearable although you've cost me a LOT of money.

I have added WiFi and a Squeezebox to my home computer so I can connect my home stereo to my computer via the Sqeezebox (see so I can listen to your podcasts on a nice sound system. Love the great music your sending out!!!! Please keep up the good work. I live in Houston and was interested to see that you have moved here recently. I'd be interested to see what kind of reggae venues you find here.

Houston, TX

G'day mate,

I was just wondering what day you broadcast up there in the USA. l'm looking forward to dub session 37?

I bought the "dub side of the moon" album after hearing it on Dubrock 1.0 , it was well worth the purchase. Reggae and Dub CD's are pretty expensive down here, close to $40 Australian dollars.

Oh, and since I found your website just over a week and a half ago, I'm just about upto date listening to all dub sessions. And they're all stored on my ipod for some easy listening!.


DJ Chill Will,

Love the podcast show, and got your email from the website.

Keep up the great shows!



Thanks for the brilliant podcast.


South Africa


Just wanted to let you know that your shows are great. Really
appreciate the resource that you provide.

Thanks and keep the dubs coming.



Just wanted to say thanks for keeping the dub sessions coming! I discovered the dub session a few weeks ago, and now find myself listening to little else other than dub session podcasts. Each week I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the latest 'cast. Keep up the irie work!

dub out,



DJ Chill Will,

Awesome job. The site is the best resource for what’s happening now with dub stylee around the word. Thank you!

Big Up!


hey chill ...........
first off , great site !
lots of excellent mixes , and track listings are v helpfull as well
keep up the good work dude !!!
peace , love , and chocolate biscuits.


Hi Dj Chill Will,

I listen your podcast Dubsession since the first one.

Very good its work, that is to divulge the good jamaican music.

Congratulations and big up!

Luiz aka ReggaeSoul
Sao Paulo - Brasil

Dub Session Kicks Derriere!

Hi DJ ChillWill,

Keep up the great work, I love your podcast!

Matt Dick   North Andover, MA





Live from France : Your sessions are just perfect !
I have all of them in my iPod and I enjoy hours of downtempo !
=> DJ Chill Will, I am planning to organise some Live Dub Sessions in Paris, do you want to join ?
My official website  will be online by the end of July and I will keep you in touch !
Thanks for your reply, and please keep on mixing so well, the 41# episode is just perfect !  K&D live in Amsterdam, Thievery.....etc...we have the same tastes !

Hi chill,

Love the dubsession and love to catch a fire while listening. Just thought i would send you a track (you probably have it already) but its one of my fav's. Any chance of a quick request for myself and my beautiful partner who are getting married in Vegas in 10 days. Included a pic from my stag night in Amsterdam of the selection. Hope things are good with you

Love from Ireland

Ja-son and Yvonne

Greetings Dj Chill,

Massive respect and One love,
Dr Mooch for Skyhigh Camp

Love your pod broadcasting of Catch a fire.

New Mexico


Whats up , love your site and all the podcasts. I've been listening for 4 months now and can hardly stand it when there's not a new show up.

Just sending some props. Peace.

Denver, Colorado

greetings massive,

Big Up!,

alex aka NoSteps


Listened to your podcast for the first time this week - excellent.


Chill Will,

Thanks for the podcast.

Just to let you know I have linked your site from

All the best,
Bangkok, Thailand

Hey DJ Chill Will!

Big thanks and praises go out to Dr. Puff, for turning me onto your show.

More praises for you for hookin' up the world with some killer dubs.
You have brought back some memories from the early 80's with the
Aswad dubs, and Black Uhuru. These are artists you just don't hear
people play anymore. Good for you! Also you are the first I have
heard play LKJ!

REspect, and thanks for the riddems,



Thanks for listening!

DJ Chill Will

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Progressive reggae dub and downtempo grooves

Host, The Chill Lounge Podcast
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